New Construction Septic System Design

New Construction Septic System Design

This is a question we get a lot: What does a Rhode Island New Construction Septic System Design cost? We believe in being as transparent as possible when it comes to prices, so that you know your project’s costs. Other service might be needed, but these are the three basic and necessary costs for New Construction Septic System Design in RI.

Few people realize that the septic system design is only one part of the total design cost. In this article, I’ll show you the three RI land surveying services that go into designing a septic system in Rhode Island. When possible, I’ll also let you know about any other costs, like application fees or hiring backhoes for Soil Evaluations on your property.

Also, please keep in mind that the design of a septic system, now called an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) in RI, formerly called an Individual Sewage Disposal System (ISDS), does not include installation of your new septic system, which is done by Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) licensed septic system installers. And, contact me for New Shoreham (Block Island) and Prudence Island pricing, which is more than listed below.

Soil Evaluations

Soil Evaluation

Soil Evaluation

Typically, the first step in designing a septic system is to do Soil Evaluation testing on the property, at the location of your proposed New Construction Septic System.

The Soil Evaluation testing determines the Seasonal High Watertable and soil types. The Seasonal High Watertable and the soil categories determine the OWTS septic system design elevations and size. The Seasonal High Watertable also may limit the type of OWTS septic system design we can use.

In the past, a rudimentary form of this type of site testing sometimes was commonly (although inaccurately) called a “Perk Test” or Perc Test”. Back then, we did “Perc Test” mostly in the “Wet-Season” from about December to April. Now, however, Soil Evaluations are done throughout the year.

Soil Evaluations now cost $950 (our Bronze Service), but there is also a $150 application fee (for new construction), and you’ll need to hire a backhoe operator to do the digging. A backhoe or excavator operator can add another $850-$1500 to the total cost.

For those of you who want to simplify this step, and not worry about the application fee or the headaches of hiring a backhoe operator, we also offer Soil Evaluations Silver Service and Soil Evaluations Gold Service to make things easier for you, and worry free!

New Construction Septic System Design

Foster Survey Company Residential New Construction Septic System OWTS Design

Residential New Construction Septic System OWTS Design

The next step is the actual OWTS New Construction Septic System Design. First, we conduct a topographic field survey to locate the site features, including land elevations and grades. Then, back at the office we use the Soil Evaluation and field survey results to design your  New Construction Septic System Design.

The OWTS septic system design also takes into account the total number of proposed bedrooms to size the leach field. We prepare OWTS septic system design plans and specifications, and complete the RIDEM OWTS application for you. We also hand-deliver every OWTS septic system design application package to RIDEM.

Our New Construction Septic System Design fee is now reduced to $2,500 for a limited time only (regularly $3200). There is also a $150 RIDEM application fee, but if you need an advanced septic system design, the application fee is $300.

Designer’s Supervision

Designer's Supervision

Designer’s Supervision

When RIDEM approves the OWTS septic system design and you begin construction of the New Construction Septic System Design, the property owner must hire the designer to supervise the septic system construction, in addition to RIDEM site inspections, and prepare and submit to RIDEM the final Certificate of Construction documentation.

We charge $1,500 for Designer’s Supervision when you begin your OWTS septic system construction.

While there isn’t a RIDEM application fee when submitting the final Certificate of Construction documentation, do keep in mind that it cost more if you move the OWTS septic system site.

Specifically, if during construction you move the OWTS septic system only a little, you’ll need an as-built field survey and As-built Plan, which cost $750 along with a $50 RIDEM fee. However, if you move the OWTS septic system site a lot, construction could be stopped and you might need to submit OWTS septic system redesign plans. OWTS sptic system redesign plans can cost anywhere from $1,200-$2,500 more, and there’s a $100 RIDEM Redesign fee.

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I hope this article helps you better understand what a Rhode Island New Construction Septic System Design cost. The three steps detailed above, are:

  1. Soil Evaluations
  2. New Construction Septic System Design
  3. Designer’s Supervision

Foster Survey Company provides Rhode Island land surveying and septic system Onsite Wasterwater Treatment System deigns for Bristol County, Kent County, Newport County, Providence County and Washington County for the following RI Cities and towns: Barrington, Bristol, Burrillville, Central Falls, Charlestown, Coventry, Cranston, Cumberland, East Greenwich, East Providence, Exeter, Foster, Glocester, Hopkinton,Jamestown, Johnston, Lincoln, Little Compton, Middletown, Narragansett, New Shoreham, Newport, North Kingstown, North Providence, North Smithfield, Pawtucket, Portsmouth, Providence, Richmond, Scituate, Smithfield, South Kingstown, Tiverton, Warren, Warwick, West Greenwich, West Warwick, Westerly, Woonsocket.

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