Rhode Island Cesspool Phaseout Act Letters Sent

Cesspool Phaseout The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RI DEM) has issued the first round of notification letters to owners of properties that may be subject to the RI Cesspool Phaseout Act of 2007. You may already have received a letter from RI DEM or heard about this on the news tonight (see video below). Jamestown and North Kingstown First to Get Notices Uncovered Cesspool RIDEM has informed us that the first batch of letters were sent to the towns of Jamestown and North Kingstown.  Notification letters will then be sent, in batches, to additional towns in the coming weeks.  RI DEM has also said that as the list of towns that letters are being sent to, that they will notify us of these additions. At that time, we will update you, too. The R.I. Cesspool Act of 2007 […]