Did You Know There’s a 30-Day Waiting Period For New Flood Insurance Policies To Take Effect?

Protect Yourself From Flooding. FEMA/Patsy Lynch Last week we were working on a few FEMA Elevation Certificates and fielding calls and questions about flood zones, so I wrote FEMA Flood Zone Designations Defined. In researching for that article, I came across FEMA produced videos of last spring’s historic floods in Rhode Island (see below). Also, in looking at the requirements for purchasing Flood Insurance, I was reminded of one very important fact when purchasing a new Flood Insurance Policy. What is the Waiting Period for New Flood Insurance Policies to Take Effect? You may be surprised to learn that if you purchase a new Flood Insurance policy, you might not be covered immediately. In fact, you likely won’t be covered for flood damages under your new Flood Insurance Policy for the first month, as there’s a 30-day waiting period for new Flood Insurance policies to take effect. There are a few exceptions: […]