Experienced With FAA 2C Certification for Towers, on Water Tanks, and on Buildings.

Cell Tower

Cell Towers

We’ve surveyed for and prepared FAA 2C Certifications on many sites with experience with both new and proposed communications facilities, including: Towers, Water Tanks, and on Buildings.

We use survey grade GPS, Robotic Total Stations, and prism-less technology to get the job done efficiently and accurately.

Our Professional Land Surveying services include surveying for, and preparing FAA 1C and 2C Certifications:

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Wireless communication companies and tower owners are required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to submit 2C Certification for sites where towers or antennas are installed, or are planned to be installed. Certification includes surveying to determine the longitude and latitude of the supporting structure or tower, along with elevations of the tower, structure, and installed or proposed antennas.