Our Professional Land Surveying services include the following survey types:

Boundary Field Surveys.Buy Now!

These types of field surveys include records research and a field survey setting some, or all, of the lot corners, as requested. The surveying for this work is performed to a Class I Accuracy Standard and does not include a boundary survey plan.

While this may be cost-effective, we recommend that you also choose to have us prepare a Boundary Survey Plan showing the survey results.

Included in Boundary Field Surveys are:

  • Lot Surveys; usually small city/urban parcels or new subdivision parcels.
  • Boundary Surveys; usually larger suburban and rural properties.

Boundary Survey Plans.Buy Now!

  • Certified Plan to a Class I Survey Standard showing the results and findings of our Field Property Survey.

ALTA Surveys.Buy Now!

  • American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) Land Title Surveys are often required with the transfer of commercial properties. Call us 401-647-9240 or Contact Us for pricing.

As-Built Survey Plans.Buy Now!

An As-Built Survey Plan is preparedd to document the constructed location, or placement, of site improvements at a certain point in time. We would conduct a Field Survey and, depending on the As-Built Survey requirements, prepare either a plan or report describing the As-Built Surveyed location of the constructed item or items being documented.

As-Built Surveys are often required to document the following:

  • Septic System / Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) constructed location.
  • Foundation / Building constructed location.
  • Foundation / Building constructed elevation.
  • Subdivision road, drainage, or sewer construction improvements.
  • Site Grading conditions during stages of construction.