In this case study, we’ll look at how to move or relocate property lines in Rhode Island with an Administrative Subdivision. Most Rhode Island cities and towns describe Administrative Subdivisions with this definition:

Administrative Subdivision: Re-subdivision of existing lots which yields no additional lots for development, and involves no creation or extension of streets. Such subdivision shall involve only divisions, mergers, mergers and division, or adjustments of boundaries of existing lots.

Our clients, Sue and Mary are good friends and own adjoining parcels of land. Sue’s property is smaller than is Mary’s property, with Mary’s property bounding Sue’s property along one side property line and the rear property line.


Sue wants to increase the size of her property by adjusting her rear property line further into Mary’s property. Mary does not use this part of her land, and because Sue is such a good friend and neighbor, she agreed to Sue’s offer to buy part of her property.

Mary and Sue then contacted us to find out how to complete their project. I explained to them that they needed an Administrative Subdivision, because they wanted to move existing property lines with no additional lots created: They started with two lots and after the re-subdivision there will still be two lots.

The specific land surveying services used for their Administrative Subdivision were:

  • Boundary Field Survey: We surveyed both Sue’s and Mary’s land as required by the town. Both lots require surveying so that when recording the subdivision and new deeds, the newly reconfigured parcels are accurately surveyed, accurately described by deed, and the new deed legal descriptions agree with the final approved and recorded Administrative Subdivision Plan.
  • Administrative Subdivision Plan: We calculated the new property line locations, the land area to be conveyed from Mary to Sue, and the new final revised property areas. We prepared a Class I Survey subdivision plan, per the town’s Administrative Subdivision planning requirements.
  • New Property Corner Monuments: We set monuments at the revised property corners, so that Sue and Mary know the location on the ground of the revised boundaries.
  • Legal Descriptions: We prepared legal descriptions, describing the land to be transferred and the final reconfigured parcels, for their deeds
  • Mylar Plan copies for Recording: Once the town approved the Administrative Subdivision, we prepared Mylar Plan copies for recording in the town land evidence records.

The town approved the Administrative Subdivision Plan and application in about a week after submitting the application, application check and documents with the Town Planner. Within two weeks, Mary’s real estate attorney prepared deeds and recorded the deeds and the Administrative Subdivision Plan.

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