Eric D. Colburn PLS

Eric D. Colburn PLS – RI DEM Class II OWTS Designer

Foster Survey Company Owner and President, Eric D. Colburn, PLS, has successfully received renewal of his RI DEM Class II Designer’s License. A licensed Class II Designer in Rhode Island can design septic systems for Repairs, Alterations, and New Construction for both residential homes and commercial properties.

Maintaining a Class II Designer’s License requires having a RI Professional Land Surveyor’s License and obtaining appropriate professional development of twelve (12) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every three years.

“Professional development and continuing education allow me to stay current with the latest developments in septic system design and new onsite wastewater treatment technologies,” said Foster Survey Company President and Owner Eric D. Colburn, PLS. “Understanding the latest changes in regulations and new septic system design technologies saves our clients time and money.”

Eric Colburn, PLS 2013-2015 RI DEM Class II Designer's License Renewal

Eric Colburn, PLS 2013-2015 RI DEM Class II Designer’s License Renewal

Professional Continuing Education training and courses taken by Mr. Colburn for the 2013 RI DEM Class II Designer’s renewal:

  • Geomatrix Designer and Installer Training
  • Eco-Tech Designer and Installer Training
  • Geoflow Subsurface Drip Dispersal System Training
  • Singulair DN Wastewater Treatment System Training
  • RI Soil Survey Work Planning Conference
  • Regulatory Setbacks and Buffers

Because Trust and Experience Matter!

Geomatrix GeoMat Flat

Mr. Colburn has nearly thirty years of experienced in the land surveying industry, including the design and installation of septic system leach fields. He was first licensed to design septic systems in 1995, when admitted to practice land surveying in Rhode Island. Then later, as the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) began licensing septic system designers, in 1999 Mr. Colburn successfully received his RIDEM Class II Designer’s License.

In addition to being licensed as a RI Professional Land Surveyor’s and RIDEM Class II Designer, Mr. Colburn is also trained for, and certified to design, other OWTS Alternative and Experimental Technologies (A/E), including Bottomless Sand Filter septic systems.

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