hurricaneThe City of Warwick has published online hurricane resources, including many links to hurricane, tropical storm, and flooding information.

You’ll also find free informational downloads on the City of Warwick Hurricanes website, including the City of Warwick’s Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

City of Warwick Hurricane Resources You’ll Find Online:

Hurricanes are products of the tropical ocean and atmosphere. Powered by heat from the sea, they are steered erratically by the easterly trade winds and the temperate westerly winds, as well as by their own energy. As they move ashore, they bring with them a storm surge of ocean water along the coastline, high winds, tornadoes, torrential rains, and flooding.

Hurricanes are particularly damaging because of a multitude of associated storm hazards. Debris can break windows and doors, allowing high winds and rain inside the home. In extreme storms, the force of the wind alone can cause tremendous devastation, as trees and power lines topple and weak elements of homes and buildings fail. Roads and bridges can be washed away and homes saturated by flooding. Destructive tornadoes can also be present well away from the storms center during landfall. Yet, storm surge alone poses the highest threat to life and destruction in many coastal areas throughout the United States and territories. And these threats are not limited to the coastline — they can extend hundreds of miles inland, under the right conditions.

2012 City of Warwick Hurricane Resources

  1. Download the City of Warwick’s Hurricane Preparedness Guide.
  2. Find out if your property is subject to storm surge or inland flooding. 

    • For the Warwick Inundation Matrix.
    • For Rhode Island Hurricane Evacuation Study Hurricane Surge Inundation Mapping (May 2009)
  3. Determine the safest and most efficient evacuation route.
    • For the City of Warwick Evacuation Map.
  4. Forecast Models –  Provided by NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, this site provides several forecast models along with storm details, watches and warnings, detailed radar, and historical data

State Emergency Resources:

  • RI Emergency Management Agency
  • RI Department of Health: Hurricane Preparedness
  • Disaster Supply Kits

Federal Emergency Resources:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • NOAA Hurricane Center
  • American Red Cross
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control

Hurricane Information

  • Emergency Shelters
  • For Boaters
  • Evacuation Decisions
  • Special Needs
  • Be Ready for Coastal Floods, Hurricanes
  • Animal Safety Plan


To learn more, visit the City of Warwick Hurricanes website.

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