Foster Survey Company is Trained to Design GeoMat Leaching Septic Systems

GeoMat Leaching Systems – High Performance, Low Profile, Wastewater Infiltration and Reuse System Geomatrix GeoMat Leaching Septic System. Credit: Geomatrix To give you another septic system design option, Foster Survey Company is now trained to design GeoMat Leaching Septic Systems. Eric D. Colburn PLS,  received training from Geomatrix Systems on the design and installation of their high performance, low profile, wastewater infiltration and reuse septic systems. The GeoMat Leaching System, a low profile modular gravelless absorption system, similar to the Pressurized Shallow Narrow Drainfields (PSND) now used in Rhode Island, is another approved Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) septic system option we can design for your property. In addition to being trained to design GeoMat Leaching Systems, Eric D. Colburn, PLS is a RIDEM  Licensed Class II Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) septic system designer and RIDEM Certified Bottomless Sand Filter (BSF) designer. About GeoMat Leaching System […]